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Our fish dishes and our pizzas delivered directly to your home!

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We offer a take away service on all pizzas and fishburgers. Choose from our menu what you look like best.


Order your favorite dishes by calling 0571.544328 or write us on WhatApp on 329.1272675.

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Set the table, your order will reach you at home in short time, still hot and fragrant

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Here we are. Enjoy your meal! And if you are allergic or intolerant to gluten: try our gluten-free dough.

take away

La Maison at your place!

If you’re looking for an excellent take-away pizza in Empoli, at La Maison you can choose from over 15 different types, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

The pizzas most loved by our customers?

Among the traditional ones there is certainly our Bufalina which, in addition to the PDO Bufala mozzarella from Campania, also has all the flavor of Taggiasca olives, appetizing anchovies from the Cantabrian  Sea and the aroma of yellow Piennolo tomatoes from Vesuvius.
Among the special pizzas, pizza with octopus is always in great demand, but our “Tonno va in Puglia” Pizza goes very well too, it combines a fresh tuna tartare with a creamy burrata stracciatella, for an explosion of flavour!

Do you prefer fish cuisine? No problem with the Empoli take-away fish restaurant!
Our fishburgers have all the taste of fresh homemade bread made daily by our expert pizza maker with a mix of flours, including wheat and semolina.

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